How we


Strategic planning

Comprehensive Branding

At Floow we believe that each creative element will shine only in the right moment. Therefore we pay a lot of attention to synergy between great design and strategy of the content. We create and communicate your brand in authentic way to the interests, behaviors and expectations of your customers, what makes it naturally desired.

Event Management

Thinking of your special event we believe in the power of experiences and feelings.  Great event can truly revolutionise your brand, so we set the expectations bar high. At Floow we create and manage the exceptional event matched to your needs, focused on your recipients and partners. We arrange for you the specific spot, theme, style and we take care of all details.

Marketing strategies

At Floow we know and understand flower & horticulture sector and  interior & lifestyle market. Therefore we create our hero campaigns tailored to each platform and play on the strengths of each network. To plan, execute and evaluate inspiring and powerful campaigns we choose best range of  tools that includes native insights.

Media cooperation

At Floow we believe that people create our world. Therefore we make our content in cooperation with journalists and media platforms who have access to people you want to reach.