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Who we are

Our strenght lies in the sector of cut flowers and ornamental plants. With our support your products will be desired in Poland.

With us your flowers will floow
on the Polish market!

At Floow we believe that our network is our biggest value. We take care for our relations in the sector as it is build by people who love flowers, just like us. To follow latest trends we are in regular touch with florists and their customers. But we also talk with growers and wholesalers of flowers in Poland to have insights from the other part of the chain.

Our knowledge of the sector and creative minds on the board are the best solution for your brand in Poland.

Our creations


When your flowers need boost in Poland.

With our knowledge of the Polish flower market we present your product in the most fancy arrangements that are desirable among Polish customers. 


When your flowers need brand promotion.

We can keep your social media channels up to date and enhance it with fresh content made in local interior and architecture to make it even more accurate for the Polish market.

Events &

When your flowers needs extra attention.

We know about all flower events in Poland and can make your flowers shine there. Irregular photo sessions or ad hoc events are pure pleasure for us. Our network of florists and photographers cannot wait to realize your wish.