Who we are?

Anna Rosochacz

studied horticulture and is an experienced florist. Anna worked for several years in Baku where she created flower designs and exhiitions with group of florists from the Netherlands.
For years associated with a Polish marketing company where she was responsible for flower promotion. Main organizer of the Royal Rose Exhibition in the Royal Castle and Royal Flower Exhibition.
Anna speaks English and French.
Get in touch with Anna: anna@floow.pl

Agnieszka Murawska

worked many years in the Agricultural Section at the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw . Her main field of expertise was greenhouse production and sector of ornamental plants and cut flowers. Agnieszka traces changes and trends on the Polish flower market and easy sees relations between clients, florists, wholesalers and producers. Initatior of the Florists Survey in Poland. Studied agriculture and modern languages (Dutch and German).

Write Aga an e-mail: aga@floow.pl